Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekly goals update

This just seems like a crazy week, but I really feel like I got a LOT accomplished!

Here is my list from last week.
1. 1 load of laundry per day.
2. Finish organization of the office. (Super close to being done! The desk and table are cleaned off and purged of clutter, so I'm down to 2 boxes of books and a huge pile of music that needs to be sorted and filed in the cabinet that is currently blocked by the boxes of books)
3. Put together new chore list. Changes at the hubby's work changed his work schedule majorly, so we're bumping this yet another week.
4. Order baking supplies.
5. Follow up on city school sub list.
6. Finalize the wording for Thomas' cross stitch.
7. Schedule classes!!
8. Put together blocks of lesson availability for the music store.
9. Transfer coupons to new coupon binder.
10. 1 new app this week. There's just...not much out there. I did, however, have orientation for subbing at the ESC, so I at least am on the lists to start working!

My new goals list:
1. Daily load of laundry
2. Get TOTALLY caught up on ironing so that we know what hubby has in the wardrobe and what needs replaced so he looks all professional for the start of his next term of teaching.
3. Complete office organization!
4. FINALLY do the new chore list...which should be easier to handle now that we know what our respective schedules are going to be.
5. Canning :-) The sweet corn and beans should be ready in the garden, and I have some beans still to can from my mother-in-law!
6. I have two schools yet to contact re: subbing. 
7. Contact my assigned music students and get them scheduled.
8. Cross-stitch wording...I think I know where the graph paper is now!
9. Box up as much of the items from our twice-failed garage sale and donate it to Goodwill so that we can reclaim our garage!
10. Contact the music teachers in the districts I'm eligible to sub for to let them know that I'm on their list. I always hated taking sick days, because I knew it was unlikely that I would have a musician for a sub...and therefore my students would fall behind. I know teachers can often request subs, so I want to see that my foot is in the door.

What are your goals for the week?

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