Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update and new weekly goals

I've started putting together weekly goals since I've been home more. Makes me feel good to check things off, and I don't feel like my time at home has been totally useless! :-)

Here's last week's list and the updates:
1. Wash/Dry/Fold/Iron 1 load of laundry every day. I half-did this. I did laundry, but didn't iron. :-p
2. Apply to 1 new job every day! I received word that I will be on the sub list for the surrounding county schools (orientation on Wednesday), and I applied to sub for the city schools...still waiting to hear on that. I also have been accepted as a private lesson teacher at the local music store!! It sounds like they have a decent waiting list, so I just need to readjust my fees (to account for the studio rental fee) and put together my availability.
3. Put together a new chore list.  Fail. :-) Putting it on next week's list.
4. Sign up for college classes. It would be nice if the people I needed answered their emails, and the rest didn't do the "you need to talk to someone else" pass-off. I'm making phone calls this week
5. Clean/organize the office and make it functional. We're half done! My desk area is purged of clutter, reorganized (I had no idea I had so many red pens and post-it pads), and cleaned. Going to work on the table/workstation and random boxes this week
6. Clean out/scrub down the fridge. Success!
7. Prep for my MVSO audition! Done! There were no openings on my instrument, so I'm on their sub list. :-)
8. Plan out the lettering for Thomas' cross stitch project. Can't find the graph paper. Hoping the office clean uncovers that.
9. Order baking supplies. Wanted to make sure that bills would clear and I potentially had more income before I spent money. :-)
10. Contact my private students to get lessons set up for the fall. Still waiting to hear back from a couple, but everyone has been contacted.

So here's my list for next week!
1. 1 load of laundry per day.
2. Finish organization of the office.
3. Put together new chore list.
4. Order baking supplies.
5. Follow up on city school sub list.
6. Finalize the wording for Thomas' cross stitch.
7. Schedule classes!!
8. Put together blocks of lesson availability for the music store.
9. Transfer coupons to new coupon binder. I have long since outgrown my old coupon file, and needed something with greater capacity. It looks like I may need more sheets (I used the baseball card plastic sheets, and it works pretty well), so I may buy those as funds are available. Wal-Mart had the zippered 3-ring binders, which saves me in case coupons decide to escape the sheets, and the one I bought has a file section that is great for ads and coupon inserts.
10. 1 new app this week. We're at the point where 1 app a day for teaching jobs just isn't going to happen. My goal is one application per week, whether to sub or for a long-term job.

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What are your goals for the week?

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  1. I'm going to bookmark your site. As the wife of a 1st year music teacher, I'm sure there are plenty of posts to serve as encouragement for me!