Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekly goals update

It's been a hectic week, and some back problems (and several days of cold, rainy weather) put a damper on getting some goals accomplished. Here's my update!

My new goals list:
1. Daily load of laundry
2. Get TOTALLY caught up on ironing. Epic fail. This is going back on the list!
3. Complete office organization! I'm putting this back on the list. I'm down to a couple boxes of odds 'n ends, and then I'm including the boxes of items from my school, which need to be sorted/repacked/stored until a new teaching job comes along, and then the things that are school property need to be returned.
4. FINALLY do the new chore list. Layoffs at the hubby's work and changes in my class schedule threw this for a loop. Giving this one another shot!
5. Canning :-) Boo rain. Back on the list!
6. I have two schools yet to contact re: subbing. I called them...they never called me back. So, done, but I think it needs to go back on the list
7. Contact my assigned music students and get them scheduled.
8. Cross-stitch wording...I think I know where the graph paper is now! Another epic fail.
9. Box up as much of the items from our twice-failed garage sale and donate it to Goodwill so that we can reclaim our garage! Going to be a MUCH bigger project, so this is getting revised.
10. Contact the music teachers in the districts I'm eligible to sub. Third epic fail. I'm on a roll!

This week's list:
1. 1 load of laundry per day
2. Ironing catch-up. 
3. Finalize office organization.
4. New chore list
5. Finalize cross stitch wording
6. Sort/pack/donate one box or bag to Goodwill this week.
7. Canning!
8. Follow up on sub lists.
9. Contact local music teachers re: sub list.
10. Make sure my grad school homework is done every week!

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