Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly goal update

This week has been full of highs and lows. I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back, and it put me on the DL for most of the weekend. According to my hubby, I was OUT COLD for 2.5 hours on Sunday during one of the football games...which meant I never got up my anticipated series of Sunday posts giving my favorite Game Day meals and snacks. I will have to assemble this later in the week.

On the upside, I have 4 confirmed private students, and two more I am waiting to schedule. Things are starting to fall into place in those regards, which makes me feel less like a "unemployed" spouse. I am doing my best to take advantage of this time at home, and to be a wonderful spouse and homemaker for my wonderful husband (who has picked up extra teaching hours to close in some of the salary gap).

Here is my goal list from last week!
1.1 load of laundry per day. The victory on this one actually belongs to the Mr., as he did some laundry for me while I was laid up.
2. Ironing catch-up.  The new television programs all come out this week, so I plan to take care of things while plowing through all of the new shows we've set to record. Being unable to move made this one a fail.
3. Finalize office organization. Victory! My office is starting to look office! We're just down to the boxes that were moved in from my classroom after my layoff, but I'm not counting those in the equation.
4. New chore list. Fail.
5. Finalize cross stitch wording. Fail.
6. Sort/pack/donate one box or bag to Goodwill this week. This was my plan for Sunday afternoon, but my body said no. :-) Fail.
7. Canning! Rather than canning, I turned quite a bit of what I had handy into freezer meals. I'm building up quite the stockpile of oven-ready meals to overcome the fact that I will get to see my husband all of 2 evenings a week.
8. Follow up on sub lists. I have an orientation with one this week, and the other one isn't returning my calls, so I've emailed. At this point, I'm considering it complete.
9. Contact local music teachers re: sub list. Half-complete. I have the names/emails of every teacher who was listed on the website. I've decided that a snail-mail letter might be a bit more professional than an email, so this is going on my list to accomplish this week. I have spiffy music letterhead in my stash to make it look cool. :-)
10. Make sure my grad school homework is done every week! Done, but this will be an ongoing goal.
Here is my list for this upcoming week:
1. 1 load of laundry per day
2. Ironing catch-up.
3. New chore list.
4. Finalize cross stitch wording.
5. Sort/pack 1 box to donate to Goodwill.
6. Mail out letters to local music teachers for subbing.
7. Unpack/resort/repack boxes that came from my music room, and find a storage place in the house until the God-designed job comes along!
8. Catch up on the coupon sorting (My MIL gave me 2 months worth of coupon inserts, and the clipping and inserting of those has me behind).
9. Call the list of students who never contacted me back re: lessons.
10. Grad school classwork.
What is your goal list this week?

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