Monday, August 22, 2011

Life Reorganization and My New Weekly Goals

It's been a major mental turnaround the last couple of weeks. It's taken my brain a while to wrap around how my life is changing, and I think I'm a little less frantic and a bit more organized. I just finished up 2 applications, and getting ready to hand-deliver some materials and to apply to sub in town.

With the sudden influx of at-home time, I took a little inspiration from Money Saving Mom, and  have created my own list of goals for the week. I hope that you will help to keep me accountable!

1. Wash/Dry/Fold/Iron 1 load of laundry every day. (My laundry is REALLY good at getting out of control!)
2. Apply to 1 new job every day!
3. Put together a new chore list.  Since our schedules have changed (and the last list fell victim to the puppy), I want to ensure that our cleaning also doesn't get ahead of us. The house is a bit of a wreck after the summer employment, and I want to take advantage of my new time at home to get things back under control.
4. Sign up for college classes. I think I'm going to begin adding a certification/endorsement. I'm debating between English, Special Ed, or Technology. Any suggestions?
5. Clean/organize the office and make it functional. The office has long since been the "dumping ground" in our house, and with the hubby and I both pursuing higher ed degrees (he started his PhD this summer, I'm so proud of him!), and since I am much more productive when I am not in front of the television, I want to make this a productive working room.
6. Clean out/scrub down the fridge. My baking supplies have conquered the fridge, and now it's just a disorganized mess!
7. Prep for my MVSO audition! After encouragement from several people in the pit orchestra I played in this last month, I've signed up to audition for their sub list!
8. Plan out the lettering for Thomas' cross stitch project. I'm FINALLY done with the detail work (have I mentioned that metallic blending thread is a thorn in my side?), and the only thing left is the names and date. Need to plan that out so that I can finish this off and get it framed for them.
9. Order baking supplies. I'm almost out of muffin cups, and you can't find these at Kroger. :-)
10. Contact my private students to get lessons set up for the fall. This moves to the bottom of the list because I need to know my class schedule before I can set up dates for lessons. Several of my students took the summer off, so since I am now unemployed, this funding becomes crucial to the budget.

What are your goals for the week?

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