Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Leftovers #1- Turkey Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a big favorite in my house. I always keep a stash of tortillas in the fridge for these (or for wraps). Tortillas are inexpensive and keep well, so they're a good budget buy.

This meal makes a good "crappy work day dinner" (for those days when you come home and really don't feel like cooking!), a Saturday lunch, or a game-day snack (easy to whip together between church and football).

We make ours on a Panini Grill (very similar to a George Foreman grill). Note: I tried making these with tortillas that were larger than the grill, and I made a mess of the counters. I think the small ones work better for this, but if you happen to have a quesadilla maker at home, the large ones will work.

Pretty fail-proof recipe:

Lay a tortilla on the counter/plate. If desired, spread a spoonful or two of your favorite BBQ sauce (a favorite of my husband!), but keep a small margin from the edge clear so you won't wind up with a mess. Lay out some shreds/pieces of turkey and top with shredded cheese. If you're feeling up for some veggies, sprinkle in some corn (if using frozen, thaw first) or a spoon or two of salsa. Top with another tortilla.

Place "tortilla sandwich" in Panini grill or George Foreman, and cook until cheese is melty. There's not an exact science to it...but quesadillas are best when the cheese is gooey. You can eat whole, or cut into wedges. Have a little salsa on the side for dipping, if desired.

This recipe also works well with chicken, pulled pork, or shredded beef, or you can make it with plain cheese!

How are you thrifty?: Using leftovers! I keep all of these ingredients around my kitchen at all times, so it's easy to whip together with whatever leftover meat I have from a previous meal

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