Saturday, August 21, 2010

First trip on cash, and LOTS of tomatoes!

Today was my first shopping trip under the new budget rules, and I think I did pretty well. First stop was to the farmers market for a LOT of tomatoes for salsa. Our own tomatoes got fried in this heat, but our hot peppers are thriving. Also picked up 3 green pepper, 2 red peppers, and 3 pints of cherry tomatoes. Total for the farm market run: $25.75

Also made a stop at the feed supply store. I had a coupon for a free 5-lb bag of dog food!

Picked up some mozzarella at Kroger to go with the cherry tomatoes. Also scored on B1G1 bologna, $1 each for the salsa and the lettuce and the Chex Mix was $0.50 after coupons. Total for the Kroger run: $30.18!

It felt really good to get so much, and get under my $60 budget!

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