Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Becoming more financially frugal

Nate and I have made quite the financial adjustment over the last year. I lost my job, he changed his, and now we're rethinking our financial future even more.

Years ago, my parents introduced me to Crown Financial Ministries and learning to budget. Granted, I've made my own mistakes, and sometimes I've learned the hard way, but we've worked hard to make ends meet. In order to make sure we can begin to dig out from under our debt, we're reconstructing our budget.

Crown Financial ministries has a free 30-day trial of their budgeting software. Pair this with www.mint.com for tracking your newly-created budget, and you have 2 free tools for becoming more responsible for your finances.

We spent some of our Spiritual Study time last night working on our budget last night, and I'm working today to finish it. I'll keep you updated!

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